Headlights - working,
     lenses and housing intact
Tail lights - working,
     lenses and housing intact
Flashing lights - working,
     lenses and housing intact
Directional signals - working,
     lenses and housing intact
Marker lights - working
Brake lights - working

Horn - working
2-way radio - working
Windshield wipers - working
Mirrors - not cracked
Windows - not cracked
Exterior - clean, no graffiti
License plates - affixed
     front and rear
Bumpers - no rust

Fire extinguisher - on board,
First aid kit - on board,
Sanitation kit - on board,
Seat belt cutter - on board
Flashlight - on board, working
Fire blanket - on board

Registration - current
     and is on bus
DOT inspection sticker - affixed,
     current, and readable

Route numbers - displayed in windows,
     both sides
Sleeping children sign - in window
Emergency buzzers - working,
     doors & windows
Heater - working
Air conditioning -
     working in buses so mandated
Graffiti - none on seats,
     walls, ceiling
Cleanliness - swept,
     no more than 2 pieces of paper on floor
Cleanliness - floors & windows
     not noticeably dirty

No strong or noxious odors
No visible spray cans (Windex, Lysol, etc.)
No rust
Seats - tears taped,
     not excessive
Seats - no cushioning missing
Seats - not loose on frame,
     frame not loose on floor
Seat belts - none missing
Windows - able to close all the way

Driver - able to present license
     and DoE ID card
Driver - in full uniform
Driver - can communicate in English,
     cooperates with inspector
Escort - able to present DoE ID card
Escort - in full uniform
Escort - can communicate in English,
     cooperates with inspector

* Notice: This checklist was compiled in a driver-usable format based on OPT Bus Physical Inspection Standards, as an aid to avoiding violations, courtesy of Though it covers commonly checked items included in an OPT inspection, it is not warrantied for either accuracy or completeness, though every effort thereof has been made. The checklist is printable.
This checklist is not an official tool of either OPT or Pioneer Transportation